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Most mental health funding is not targeted to those who need help the most and we must overhaul our system of care, Doris A. Fuller tells Washington Journal host Steven Scully on C-SPAN.

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To find out about HR 3717

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Since its first publication in 1983, Surviving Schizophrenia has been the bible for patients and families living with and suffering from the consequences of severe mental illness.

surviving schizophreniaNow, Harper Perennial has issued the go-to book in a newly revised and updated 6th edition. The new edition includes the latest research on the causes of and the newest treatments for schizophrenia  and answers the most frequently asked questions about the psychiatric disease by families, consumers and providers.

“E. Fuller Torrey is a brilliant writer. There is no one writing on psychology today who I would rather read,” the Los Angeles Times has said in a review.

“A comprehensive, realistic and compassionate approach….Should be of tremendous value to anyone who must confront these questions,” according to Psychology Times.

Purchase the new edition here. Dr. Torrey has assigned all royalties from the sale of the book to the Treatment Advocacy Center.

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