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Most mental health funding is not targeted to those who need help the most and we must overhaul our system of care, Doris A. Fuller tells Washington Journal host Steven Scully on C-SPAN.

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To find out about HR 3717

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Knowing Emergency Hospitalization Standards Can Help

telephoneNewly updated, state-by-state information about emergency hospitalization standards is now available on our website.

Emergency Hospitalization for Evaluation: Assisted Psychiatric Treatment Standards by State” provides essential information about criteria for short-term hospitalization for a psychiatric evaluation, also known as a “72-hour hold,” “pick-up,” “detention” and other terms.

“We research, update and publish these resources because knowing one’s own state law is critical to timely and effective intervention in a mental illness crisis,” said Doris A. Fuller, Treatment Advocacy Center executive director.

Also recently updated was "Initiating Court-Ordered Assisted Treatment: Inpatient, Outpatient and Emergency Hospitalization Standards by State," state-specific information about who may initiate proceedings leading to court-ordered treatment for an individual with symptoms of severe mental illness

For additional information about responding to a psychiatric emergency, visit the Get Help section of our website and our Civil Commitment Laws and Standards page.


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