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Most mental health funding is not targeted to those who need help the most and we must overhaul our system of care, Doris A. Fuller tells Washington Journal host Steven Scully on C-SPAN.

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An estimated 3.6 million American adults with severe mental illness do not receive treatment in any given year.

eoyimageSome of these people will eventually seek treatment voluntarily. Others will stabilize without treatment. The Treatment Advocacy Center exists to make treatment possible for the rest.

Here’s what your gift to the Treatment Advocacy Center supports:

  • IMPROVED OR EXPANDED treatment options for the 1.2 million people with untreated schizophrenia or severe bipolar disorder living in states where treatment law reform will be considered in 2013.
  • ADVOCACY FOR PRESERVING the estimated 43,000 public hospital beds that still remain to meet the needs of those who become so ill they need hospital care for stabilization.
  • RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESS about the criminalization of mental illness, which places an estimated 800,000 people with severe psychiatric disease behind bars every year.
  • REDUCING other consequences of untreated mental illness that cause millions to suffer homelessness, suicide, victimization or violence.

Your gift of any size will help. Please give today by clicking here to make an online donation or find mail-in instructions.

THANK YOU for helping us make a difference!

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